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Thoughtful Giving

Great Givers

All it took was an email asking for cheap materials to build new facilities for emerging artists and, next thing he knew, Grant Close was helping to fund the local arts scene. The owner and Operator of PlaceMakers Riccarton, Christchurch, says that the city has really been “bombed” by the earthquake. 

The recipe for thoughtful giving requires a mixture of ingredients.

Understanding why you are giving, what change you want to make, and the best way for you to go about it leads to effective giving that can have a real impact.

This website provides the food for thoughtful giving. It outlines some of the things to be considered when deciding whether and how to give.

It points out a number of options for giving – no matter the size of your giving. It guides you through various steps of giving and there’s profiles of New Zealanders who are already thinking about their giving to inspire and show how you how it can be done.

Philanthropy New Zealand and Creative New Zealand have funded this site to educate donors to give effectively and to create a culture of thoughtful giving in New Zealand.

If you would like more information or support please e-mail Philanthropy New Zealand or  Ph:04 499 4090.


Check out Moonjars here. This nifty money box has three sections to encourage children to think about what they do with their pocket money – spend some, save some and give some away! Click here to see brothers Ben & Adam talk about their approach to giving and be sure to see them on What Now!


Generosity New Zealand

Generosity New Zealand is all about enabling social and individual enterprise.  Their products offer information and resources to connect communities and individuals with potential resourcing partners.   They challenge you to look first in your own backyard for skills and resources, then open the door to wider opportunities and new ways of thinking about developing talent, initiatives and assets. 

Check out our website for more information.

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